Reason Why Doctors Can’t Help You Lose Weight?

Obesity to some people is just a condition where you just gain extra pounds, but in reality, it is more serious than this.

American Heart Association, AHA and American Medical Association AMA in 2013, voted Obesity as a Disease.

In general terms, Obesity is defined as having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more than that. But in particular, now it is known as a health condition which can exacerbate risk factors for various alarming diseases such as Myocardial Infarction, Angina Pectoris, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, and Stroke.

About 25-30% of human population on earth is categorized under obese people, in America, 40% of the population are obese because of their unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

The rate of providing Primary Care Physician is too high, although but the government missed the point of educating people on healthier lifestyles which is nowadays in too much of a consideration.

The US preventing services task force strictly mentioned the role of physicians to educate people about the weight loss and its certain benefits.

Obese people whose BMI has exceeded from 30 are getting advised to be a part of multi component behavioral interventions which aims to help you lose weight.

There are many weight loss steroids that mostly celebrities and athletes used to get lean.

But the process is not easier than experts have imagined, education 40% of the population isn’t progressing so good so far.

Losing weight is much difficult for people who have already gained too much of weight.

More weight, less response

In a study it is shown that about only 6% of visits include counseling for weight loss, the percentage has dropped from 8 which was some years ago.

fat make people lazy

Advising patient to adopt a healthy lifestyle by diet and exercise is not being well-done.

Cardiovascular patients or those who are on the verge of weight gain are declining the counseling, as a matter of fact, this could be the only thing they should be doing.

PCP is doing as good as it could to instruct people with the risk factors they could have and the importance of weight loss, however, PCP has only been able to cover 52% of the weight counseling rest of which are still undone.

Another factor in this situation is physician’s lack of knowledge about changing the patients.

Most patients are doubtful about bringing change in patient’s lifestyle because of the time limitation and lack of abilities to counsel him any better.

PCP has also a time issue regards to their engagement in a huge number of clinical cases such as diseases, tests, medications etc.

Doctors do not have many tools to counsel patients with either.

It won’t be true to blame doctors only for this, they are well capable, but the lack of tools makes it hard to help PCP’s counsel patients.

Weight loss programs in primary care facility have failed big-time because of the ineffectiveness, the medications are available in a very limited quality for PCP to prescribe as most of them were withdrawn due to the safety issue.

There are a number of medications being introduced to help people with the weight gain issue, but the government isn’t approving them yet.

Patient’s attention towards Doctors

Several policies have been made to provide enough settlement to the physician for their counseling time.

obesity doctor

PCP has executed proper coverage for intensive behavioral therapy for obese patients in 2012.

Many health insurance companies are recommended by a PCP to cover some of the essential programs such as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which they won’t be charged from patients.

This doesn’t mean we have eradicated every case of obesity, however, it is progressing at a very slow rate, but nonetheless, patients on a daily basis are being acknowledged by the fact that weight loss can actually improve their health state.

PCP can also help patients so they can report any kind of progress in their weight loss process.

In the US it is estimated that people are much inclined to report a successful reduction of 5% of their body weight after the doctor said they are overweight.

Another important factor is to erase the barrier of discomfort between the patient and physician to discuss their weight openly.

PCP has demanded a strict and straightforward confrontation to provide essential information to the obese patients. 

Implementing different Method

Although Obesity imparts in many chronic diseases, usually doctors do not treat this in such a way that it inspires patients to lose weight.

obesity in men

There is a need for patient’s engagement in several weight loss methods after which doctor can identify the proper cause of weight gain and the progress chart of current diseases can show if it’s been maintained.

Doctors from different medical institutions have requested PCP to try different approaches to treating obese patients.

According to them, it is quite unbearable to see their patients with high blood pressure still has it after 2 two to three years.

Losing weight is certainly a difficult task because one cannot get rid of their whole body fats in an instant, like drinkers who can quit anytime and throw the bottle.

Obese patients are attached to their food which is why their relationship with the food has to be changed, healthy diet and lifestyle can serve as a useful hand in this regard.

PCP is playing an important part in educating obese people and encouraging them to lose weight because of their own good.

Still, there are still better ways that can help PCP to engage a large number of people to get their weight gain issue checked and treat it respectively.

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