Phentermine vs PhenGold – Comparison Review – OTC Legal Phentermine Substitute

Phentermine vs PhenGold – Best Phentermine Alternatives – Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

In the not so distant past, we used to endorse Phentermine for its outstanding appetite-suppressing effects. But that era is over as we have seen more damage from chemicals than ever! 

Phentermine is derived from amphetamine which makes it a little risky for your heart.

Naturally working otc diet pills as phentermine alternatives and substitutes are a much better option.

If you are looking for weight loss pills, the supplements that could turn your life around, look no more, and keep reading for we are about to decipher your weight loss quest. 

What is Phentermine Weight Loss?

Phentermine is a weight loss diet pill which is similar to Amphetamine in terms of formula.

phentermine 37.5 mg

It’s a prescription diet pill that has a sound effect on appetite suppression. Phentermine belongs to the sympathomimetic amine drug class which is available in the market under lots of different brands. 

What you need to learn about phentermine before buying its legal alternative, that it’s a diet pill that stimulates the central nervous system that works with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Usually, phentermine is prescribed to those who have a BMI greater than 30. 

What is PhenGold?

PhenGold is an HDL-friendly formula produced by a legit company in the US.

Phengold Phentermine Substitute OTC

It supports the natural functions which help in weight loss and metabolism boost, as reviewed by many users online. 

PhenGold is the latest fat burner that keeps your weight loss efforts into account and makes it easier for you to become slimmer. 

Men, women whoever can use PhenGold without negative side effects like Phentermine.

There are many things PhenGold could do besides suppressing appetite like it can speedify the metabolic speed, or it can combine many ingredients and takes care of brain activities. 

Phentermine Dosage Information

Phentermine before and after effects are judged by the dosage.

Phentermine 30 or 37.5 mg is given once a day time to the adults. This is 30 minutes before taking a meal mainly breakfast that suits most users.

Phentermine is prescribed for short-term use only with a combination of strenuous series of exercise and a low-calorie diet. 

PhenGold Dosage

It’s easy and simple to take PhenGold pills, especially when the weight loss goals have been clear for you.

Just take 3 capsules any time of the day with or without a meal.

It’s better to take PhenGold some moments before going for a workout. 

Phentermine vs PhenGold Side Effects

Side effects are the only thing that makes PhenGold formula superior to Phentermine.

Phentermine side effects

Phentermine is a serious side effect causing amphetamine derivative which should be stopped in the user’s age between 18-60.

Some medications also interact with Phentermine formula, hence should not be given. 

Phentermine side effects are high blood pressure, insomnia, restlessness, headache, dry mouth and sexual disorientation, and many other gastrointestinal issues. 

Sticking to Phentermine dose for more than a few weeks could lead to addiction which is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

A sudden cessation of Phentermine use could result in depression, fatigue, and headaches.

Some users also experienced impaired cognitive skills like poor judgments while using Phentermine. 

While some users could build up a tolerance to the drug but it should not be forgotten that you might get kidney problems or complications of the liver and heart with hyperthyroidism and agitation.

Phentermine is fatal in many pre-existing medical conditions like patients with depressions should never combine the medications for depression with the Phentermine cycle. 

Phentermine Vs PhenGold Ingredients

Phentermine is either available in a form of α-methamphetamine or α,α-dimethylphenethylamine that are appetite suppressants.

The metabolism of phentermine takes place in the liver so in terms of metabolism, yes it exerts a lot of pressure on the liver.

Otc Phentermine ingredients

PhenGold ingredients are just safe compared to the phentermine, every ingredient has got a story which is approved by the clinical pharmacological studies. 

  • Green Tea (500mg)

Green Tea is loaded with catechins and caffeine which makes PhenGold a fat burner worth of Gold Standard. In clinical studies, both these compounds encourage fat loss inside the subcutaneous tissues. 

  • L-Theanine (250mg)

L-Theanine is the producer of fat-derived energy in the system which also abolishes signs of stress and anxiety. 

  • Rhodiola SP (250mg)

PhenGold focuses on the fat burning mechanism and this step is carried by Rhodiola Rosea extract. This compound enables more fat burning as you exercise. 

  • Green Coffee (100mg)

The base of PhenGold stands on Chlorogenic acid which reduces every trace of fat and glucose while absorption. 

  • L-Tyrosine (300mg)

Tyrosine is the main source of diet pills from which Dopamine growth occurs. Both Dopamine and Serotonin allow users to stay focused and they are responsible for appetite-suppressing properties. 

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is the thermogenesis source in PhenGold while it also triggers the metabolism boost in users devoid of rapid metabolism speed. 

Phentermine Drug Test Vs PhenGold

As a performance enhancement, some people used Phentermine and it shows up in your blood test. 

 PhenGold as a part of the natural fat burner has no negative outcomes in the blood sample neither it shows a toxic profile in the urine samples. 

Phentermine is Available on Prescription Only

It was not long ago since they banned phentermine for the pronounced and many deadly side effects.

Some dieters found Phentermine effective when they had the opportunity to use it shortly.

Doctor Phentermine prescription pills online

Due to the side effects, Phentermine was removed from most health market while it’s still available in some countries. 

The availability of phentermine does not mean you can avail of this drug over the counter.

The doctors of every niche prescribe phentermine to only those who have an official BMI of 30 or greater or those who are involved in the class of obese individuals.

Some basic lifestyle changes are mandatory whole you are using phentermine with low-calorie intake. But if a drug is as powerful as they say, why do you need to restrict the caloric intake?

PhenGold is Available with No Prescription

As phentermine became the prescription-only drug, the demand for OTC phentermine substitute has risen way more than we expected.

Phengold non prescription otc Phentermine alternative pills

Many phentermine alternatives have been called as best for fat loss while PhenGold being the best one of them. 

What makes PhenGold superior to phentermine?

It is the hardships of the company and experts who successfully found a natural source for rapid fat burn.

Users of phentermine have been dealing with numerous side effects, but for once they want something with no hazards to health or which works perfectly! 

PhenGold results are much alike phentermine before and after results but they don’t have side effects minding their business.

The all-natural recipe is devoid of artificial ingredients that help you:

  • Gain lean muscle mass and excess fat loss phenomenon
  • Enhanced metabolism, flushing out fat cells without letting your body know
  • Boost energy levels during sports and fitness stunts

Phentermine vs PhenGold Availability

Phentermine brands are many which are only available on prescription.

This is certainly an availability chart for every phentermine brand where users must have a doctor approved prescription with the dosage mentioned. 

PhenGold is available at the official site but it’s not a common product that users find at Walmart, GNC, or Amazon.

To avoid the side effects of diet pills, PhenGold diet pills should never be purchased through Walmart or Amazon webpages. 

Here is the official site link for PhenGold that surprised the users by giving away discounts and free worldwide delivery. 

Final Review

PhenGold and Phentermine are two different brands to help you with obesity, one that combines the natural ingredients that help with fat loss according to studies.

While the other only manages the over-eating disorder and makes your body go through noticeable side effects, it’s a decision-making process here which product should you choose.

PhenGold is approved for long-term use which the user can stretch up to 12 weeks.

Phengold over the counter weight loss pill

A week gap is essential after performing a cycle of steroids or diet pills. PhenGold is taken more than once daily by dividing the single-dose into two or three. 

When compared with Phentermine to PhenGold, PhenGold users experienced improvements in the reduction of Body Mass Index (BMI) at a faster rate.

Furthermore, the depression in a person due to weight gain is completely treated after using PhenGold for 4 weeks. 

In studies, PhenGold successfully achieved balanced cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood with no signs of phentermine like side effects.

As the effective phentermine over the counter, PhenGold is now beating other OTC alternatives of Phentermine by offering a 10x more potent formula.