Phentermine Vs Adipex Comparison Review – Best Weight Loss Pills in 2021!

As it is stated, although phentermine and Adipex are same, still they exhibit some differences.

The weight loss market is progressing each day because the number of customers is increasing who seeks a safe and effective weight loss treatment.

Some people without knowing about certain brands or generic purchase the product for weight loss, even though it wasn’t meant for their body system.

Which is why it is important to study briefly about the weight loss formula you are going to use.

Not everything but as you see Google is full of information about almost everything.

A little knowledge won’t hurt anybody and it will provide your chances of getting safe weight loss treatment.

Phentermine vs Adipex

Most of the people know about Phentermine vs Adipex, one of the effective appetite suppressant and weight loss brands.


These medications are available on prescription worldwide and used by the people having a BMI greater than 30.

Now, phentermine, as we all know, is a generic name which is basically the name of the formula.

Adipex, on the other hand, is the brand name which contains the formula “Phentermine”.

Adipex in many countries is the alternate name of phentermine prescribed to an obese patient to decrease the rate of serious medical conditions due to increased weight.

Conceived by pharmaceutical science, these two drugs are same with same results, precautions, side effects, and contraindications.

As it is stated above, although phentermine and Adipex are same, still they exhibit some differences.

What Is The Difference Between Phentermine and Adipex?

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Adipex is a brand name which contains phentermine Hydrochloride in 37.5 mg of strength as an active ingredient.

The big difference between these two is Adipex along with phentermine contain other excipients which pharmaceutical companies add to increase the stability of the formula.

These excipients are corn starch, colorant, taste masking agents and other chemicals.

Some people believe these inactive ingredients help in rapid absorption of the drug.

The inactive ingredients as we spoke about earlier differ in Adipex and phentermine, which makes the effects of both products differs from each other.

But again, the effect depends on the health condition of a patient, which response to these 2 drugs in a different manner or sometimes it’s the same.

Similarities between Phentermine and Adipex

Adipex and phentermine are same in terms of effects, both of them are excellent appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters despite having a difference in their overall formula.

These medications are acquired on prescription which is another common thing between them.

As far as the duration of action concerns, pure phentermine delivers relatively prolong effects to the users.

Adipex on the other hand, take a couple of days to get stored in a person’s body and then provide effects according to patient’s health condition.

Not to mention these two drugs can also result in severe health complication to which you must have to visit a general healthcare practitioner.

Side Effects of Adipex- With Precautions

Like the majority of pharmaceutical drugs, Adipex has a list of side effects which mainly involves diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, constipation and blurred vision.

Any person who is allergic to any component of Adipex should not use until your doctor says so.

Also, the patient suffering from these medical conditions should not also take adipex.

  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular diseases like Angina, Infarction or Heart Failure
  • Hyperthyroidism (Abnormal secretion of thyroid hormones)
  • Glaucoma (increase or decrease in intra-ocular pressure)

There hasn’t any proof available about the teratogenic effects of Adipex but it is highly contradicted in lactating women since the chemical passes through breast milk and can be fatal to the offspring.

Doctors strictly recommend not to take Adipex before driving because in many cases the user experienced drowsiness, neither with alcohol because of the liver toxicity.

The list of Adipex contraindications is quite long, search for Adipex side effects and you will find 100 reasons for not choosing adipex as a weight loss treatment.

Best Alternative for Phentermine and Adipex?

Either you choose different brands of phentermine, or you choose the natural weight loss option.

Talking about other brands of phentermine, Adipex is not the only brand available in the market.

Some well-known brands like PhenQ, Phen375 have found out to be quite beneficial in delivering desirable effects to the users.

In a myoclonic forum, many users complained about the adverse effects of Adipex for which they have to switch to the other brands.

According to many users, PhenQ is the top of their list when it comes to choosing the best phentermine alternative.

The reason why these products beat adipex in efficacy and safety realm is that of the absence of inactive ingredients.

These brands only contain a pure form of phentermine in 37.5 mg doses without any traces of colorants or other excipients.

Best Natural Alternative to Phentermine

It is being discussed in many health forums that natural alternate of phentermine is now available.

Phen375 which sounds like a mixture of phentermine and 37.5 mg of the dose is becoming the primary weight loss choice for over-weight people.

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Especially those individuals who are very much cautious about their health and do not want to experience any side effects, Phen375 is the dietary supplement of choice for them.

The natural alternative to phentermine means the diet pill contains 100% naturally extracted ingredients which feature the same weight loss effects.

The best thing about the natural alternative is they do not offer any kind of side effects to the human body which in case of Adipex are too high.

Final Summary

Phentermine and adipex are the same drugs for weight loss, but with a slight difference in efficacy.

To enhance the effects of these diet pills, one must adopt a strict diet plan which allows you to consume fewer calories than usual.

Increasing dose of these medications can boost the latency of side effects as proved by many clinical experts.

The effects of phentermine and adipex were used to be quite admirable until there were other weight loss supplements started to launch.

There is no version of phentermine vs Adipex since both of the drugs are same with the only difference in the name.

However, to avoid the side effects it is recommended to use other phentermine alternatives or go towards the natural options for weight loss.

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