Phentermine Results – Here’s My Shocking 8 Weeks Result (Before & After Pics)

Are you thinking about using Phentermine? Well, here are my results of using Phentermine for 8 weeks with Before and After Pictures.

Phentermine Results – How to Lose Weight On Phentermine Fast!

Are you looking to put down your body weight using phentermine? Are you looking for the best phentermine tips for weight loss? Keep reading these articles because there is so much more than what looked from outside. 

About Me – Who am I?

Having kids is the most wonderful experience in life until you have to see certain body changes. I, Katie Maggin used to be like Emily Ratajowski with a thin waist, peaches like bums, and vicious-looking breasts.

It all changed when I gave birth to my first child (Alex), to be the worst possible thing in life that could happen is seeing my body getting fat and chubbier every day. 

Being a mom, you have to avoid many things on yourself and focus on the kids, husband, and house chores- Thank God for not making me a single mom!

By the time my kid Alex turned 1, I felt my weight is not stopping anywhere and it was the time to make some visible changes. 

I started using Phentermine, one of the classiest weight loss brands and I’m certainly not going to hold back where to buy phentermine reviews-for sure. 

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My Experience with Phentermine

For a woman, losing weight is way too difficult because of the hormonal levels being up and down, plus we don’t work out much because of having any time so. Fortunately, Phentermine for weight loss took off this burden from my shoulders. 

At first, when I started using Phentermine as a doctor’s prescription, I was given a very lower dosage like a single pill at breakfast. But later, I was advised to do some more physical hardships like jogging or a brisk walk to keep the drug work correctly.

phentermine weight loss drug

I am not going to lie here, the first month with Phentermine went with no changes, of course, I was mistaken by relying on Phentermine only. 

Note: Whatever you do, do not take phentermine only for weight loss because it’s not a miracle pill. What you could do for visible changes is combine Phentermine with some working exercise regimen and a slightly controlled dietary plan. This is exactly what I did and so far great results ahead! 

Phentermine Before and After 8 Weeks

Phentermine 37.5 mg tablet or capsules was the first thing in the morning before breakfast. My physician recommended the best dosage of phentermine to me as I wasn’t on his higher BMI chart.

Phentermine brands are generally prescribed for short-term weight loss which in most cases last for 12 weeks. Gladly, I performed the 8 weeks cycle and got the desired results. 

Here is what I did! 

Phentermine Results – Week One

Since I already wasted 4 weeks with Phentermine without including the workout and diet plan. So I had to go again with the basic phentermine dosage. The first week passed with not many results but I noticed one thing! 

As you study about Phentermine, it’s an anorectic class of drug which decreases the sensations of appetite. It’s an excellent hunger suppressant that keeps you out when it comes to having big meals.

Now, every time I started dine in or dine out with my hubby, I noticed I felt full after taking a few bites. This is one of the best before and after the result of Phentermine that allowed me to have control over my satiety levels. 

At the end of the first week, I wanted to weigh myself on the scale but I knew it wouldn’t be so easy as it seems online or in TV commercials. 

Phentermine Results – Week Four

A month’s appetite suppression does a lot to your body in terms of losing weight and maintain the body tone. With a clean diet and 30 minutes daily workout, you could get an entire list of benefits of Phentermine

I did my house chores in a giff which means I had a surge of energy levels I never experienced before. Getting into my old pants and shirt was almost near but it wasn’t the final result of phentermine. 

At the end of the 4th week with phentermine normal dosage, I started seeing sundry body changes one of which was sleek waist and thighs. Things wouldn’t be the same if I only relied on the Phentermine drug. 

Phentermine Results – Week Six

I had a firm belief in phentermine that no matter what happens, it will get me to the desired outcomes which is basically an overall body transformation. Things like this won’t be noticed by you but by the people around you. 

I remember it was the 5th week when I was getting dressed up and my husband noticed the space between my breast and stomach was leaching off. Normally, you get a busty size breast while lactation, with Phentermine use thankfully the bulging skins under my breast were totally gone. 

As amazing as it may sound, even before the 6th week I could fit into my old jeans- you can’t certainly buy this feeling from anywhere! 

Phentermine Results After 8 Weeks Completed

As per the phentermine weight loss calculator, whilst I was on my last tablet I noticed something that is still inside my body. The unlimited amount of energy, the urge to lose weight with all the motivational impulses which just live inside you. 

On the scale, I successfully managed to lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks which according to my dietician is a great number. Life after phentermine use is hugely different because you don’t have to deal with that flabbiness anymore.

I don’t know much about the pregnant females who should be using phentermine, but after childbirth, it can be your savior to lose weight and become devilishly skinny! 

How I Found Out about Phentermine?

No one recommended or told me about phentermine, I did it myself! 

The internet is full of weight loss supplement, diet pills, over the counter diet pills, and Phentermine like drugs. I decided to visit one of the phentermine reviews blogs where I had the chance to talk with some females who got fat after childbirth or various other reasons.

I did my part by doing research about phentermine and how it can be used in a perfect manner. First of all, you can’t buy Phentermine online because it is an addictive compound that can only be found upon prescription. 

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There were many promising options, some of them called themselves the safe alternative to phentermine which is devoid of the chemicals. To ease the distressful ailments of humans, we are given drugs that we don’t know much about.

Thankfully, I knew what type of drug I was given and I managed to work it out like I supposed to, and Voila! 30 pounds in 8 weeks…

Does Phentermine Have Any Side Effects?

There are many side effects of Phentermine, most of them occur at the time of overdose or when you are making it a habit to have phentermine early in the morning.

Some people who are on the verge of obesity are the ones who on a normal basis taste about phentermine side effects which are:

  • Confusion
  • Panic
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps

Phentermine Drug Interactions

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine that can cause severe drug-drug interactions. Make sure your doctor knows about the following drugs before he prescribes you phentermine for weight loss. 

  • SSRI’s: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors like Prozac and Zoloft must not be taken with phentermine. 
  • MAOIs: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors such as Nardil cause gastric upset in a person who is taking phentermine alongside. 

Your doctors shouldn’t prescribe you phentermine diet pills in case of the following conditions: High blood pressure, high cholesterol level, hyperthyroidism, excessive alcoholism. 

Final Verdict for Phentermine Results

As a phentermine user, I noticed a plethora of side effects that I had to avoid since my ambition was beyond this. For many people, these side effects are not bearable and they shall stop using phentermine in case of any side effects. 

Always buy the respected brand of phentermine from the pharmacy. Phentermine brand Adipex is an FDA approved drug for higher BMI and weight loss that shows effectiveness in the users.

Since the drug itself is known to cause addiction in users, one must not be allowed to have the larger dose hoping it would drag down the weight over-night. 

None of the weight loss medications are miracle pills, I speak on behalf of the phentermine users that it should only be used when you know you can do the regular workout with regular calorie-restrictive diet consumption.